Great food/exercise day!

I ate healthily enough, and I think I was pretty close to my net calorie goal of 1100 today! I ran about 5.5 miles today. It’s easy to keep it up for one day, so I just need to rinse and repeat. The hardest part will be maintaining this behavior when I visit home at my parent’s house on the weekends. Sometimes I wish I had a scale here so that I could keep track during the week, but mostly I think it’s better this way because I might get too obsessive.

I wanted to share a picture from MFP last night – turns out I ate exactly as I should be eating yesterday to reach my goals! Well not that MFP is omniscient, but good to know that this app thinks I am on track! 🙂


In the news: There was a sad article today about avocados, and how they are going to get more expensive because of the growing demand for them. Farmers who grow avocados are heavily extorted by gangs because the business is so lucrative. 😦

Productivity: Accomplished a few things but not nearly as much as I wanted to today. That’s okay though, I think I put in a lot of effort. Tomorrow I think I will try to waste less time. I did finally start my apps for grad school! The hard part though, is writing the personal essay which I have not yet started. Tomorrow, I really ought to at least make an outline or write out the main ideas.

Sleep: Going to bed right after this! ^_^ Which is still too late, but earlier than normal!!


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