Should I eat more?

Hello! Today has been going exceedingly well. It was a good representation of my typical weekday diet:

Breakfast (240):
boiled egg & 1/2 avocado (240 kcals)

Lunch (544):
leftover indian food with tofu (350)
cornbread (115)
boiled egg (79)

Dinner (526):
2 baby bell peppers with hummus (90)
salad with:
1. “power greens,” pea shoots, dressing, cheese, pine nuts (235)
2. egg & 1/4 avocado (159)
kiwi (40)

Snacks (99):
green tea mints (36)
chocolate (63)

Total: ~1,420
(-420) from 5 mi run – my pace was about 9:50, but it was morning time so it is not bad for me

Net: 1,000 kcals

Some days I eat some ice cream mochi too! Yummm. Since I eat so much egg and avocado, I wanted to share my favorite cartoon of them:


I still have about 100 kcals left. I’m not hungry right now, but if I am before sleeping, maybe I will have some frozen cherries. Or maybe I will roll it over to tomorrow. I’ve read that it can be good to cycle your calories (more on some days, less on others) ? But not sure about the scientific basis of that claim. My problem is that it’s hard to be like this on the weekends. I should buy salad ingredients and make it at home for my whole family. The thing is, my parents are fantastic cooks and I always want to eat the food they make! Not to mention the myriad of snacks that we have in the pantry. My biggest goal this weekend (BESIDES SLEEPING!) will be to be vigilant about my intake at home. I read in someone’s blog post that having the right mindset is key to accomplishing anything that is within your abilities. That is the concept I will apply this weekend.

Eating a smaller breakfast has been good for my intake, but I did have a headache today right after my run before lunch and before dinner as well. In the future I will eat more carbs at breakfast if I’m planning to run early. Another thing I did today was to have tea (brown rice with matcha powder) in the morning so that I could eat a later breakfast 🙂

Productivity: Not bad, got a few items out of the way. Called Southwest and received a $75 voucher for my 2 hrs of flight delay!

Sleep: I’m not very tired right now, but hopefully I will be in an hour. Last night I had trouble sleeping, so I only got a little over 5 hours last night.


2 thoughts on “Should I eat more?

  1. Nice blog, I just left you a reply on mine. I believe I’m “following” your blog now.

    I guess you’re down in NC? I’m in VA. Only one state removed. Sometimes I fly out of Greensboro (I think that’s the airport).

    Good luck with your weight loss and running, Bert


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