Went on a huge, massive run today and had to stop several times because my legs were soo tired.

I am going to Mexico!!! tomorrow, but I should have time to exercise. 🙂 Yay!


Must sleep more!!

Lately, it seems like I’ve been bingeing on things like crazy. First I reread the Game of Thrones series, then there was the Gossip Girl binge, this weekend I was bingeing on the Cheddar & Sour Cream Ridges (best junk food EVER), and last night I was binge-playing the dumbest game so I could get a high score – such a waste of time!

How can I stop!?


My two resolutions are to FOCUS and to be KINDER, especially towards my parents. This means strangers, and it also means being more courteous about text messaging. I should reply when I can even if I feel soooo lazy.

I have not been focusing though. I feel like a pendulum lately, going back and forth between extremes of doing a lot and then doing absolutely nothing, worse than nothing actually because I’ve been playing a lot of phone games which are messing up with my eyes.

Somehow I need to find a way to incorporate leisure time but not go overboard with it. Whenever I reward myself for something, it tends to become limitless which becomes a roadblock.

Tried to watch the bachelor today on Hulu today but there were (a) way too many commercials (b) it was not that interesting (c) the girls on there are SO annoying. I think this is only a show you can enjoy if you’re watching with someone and making fun of everyone.

I’ve been seeing someone I met on NYE who is really nice, but I don’t think he is funny enough. But maybe I just haven’t known him long enough for his hilarity to come out?

Coconut Cashews

I bought these at Trader Joe’s to have a snack at my office, but they are too addicting. This is why I can’t have nice things! I just ate way too many cashews.

In other news, haven’t been doing anything except watching Gossip Girl pretty much. I need to stop watching and get some sleep so that I can get up early to go running. Very sad that it has come to this…I am exhausted right now! I hate that show!!!

Also saw Into the Woods last night. While the singing was good and they clearly tried, I didn’t really feel like this was a good movie. There were two many parts clobbed together and while this worked in Shrek where there was one overarching storyline, they definitely didn’t go about it the right way here. 4/10 would not see again.

Eating without abandon

In social situations where there is a surplus of very palatable food available, I often find myself just eating as much as I like. And that makes it difficult, especially with snack-type foods, to gauge just how much I’ve eaten.

I hate articles that talk about why you should drink tea every day. I have never seen an article that includes possible negative consequences. I get that tea is very healthy and that there are many possible health benefits, but tea also includes caffeine which for me sometimes makes it hard to sleep at night. Anyway – I need to stop reading useless little articles anyway 🙂

Went for a run this morning and it was freezing! My face felt like it was going to fall off.

Running > Walking

I recently read about a study ( where they recruited older people (65-70ish) to either run or walk for 3 times in a week. Afterwards, those who ran had approximately the same walking level as a sedentary college student, while someone who walked had about the same walking economy as someone of the same age who was sedentary.

Of course, this is a very short-term study, but it is striking that there was such a large difference after a week! The good news is that you can start running at any age and benefit. 🙂 In addition, it doesn’t have to be running – any heavy, more physically taxing exercise is hypothesized to be more beneficial than walking. That is not to say walking doesn’t have many positive effects as well though!

I had my first real run today since being back in the US. I didn’t eat much yesterday evening or this morning really, so I was a bit hungry during my run. I forgot to buy carbs when I went grocery shopping yesterday! Yesterday I checked out Earth Fare for the first time, which is organic/healthy oriented but I definitely didn’t think it was as a good as Whole Foods. For one thing, the layout seemed very weird. There was also not a large variety of organic fruits and vegetables at the location I visited.

It is such a relief to be out of my parents house, eating more healthily! My parents make very healthy foods, but it’s just that there is also a lot of unhealthy food available and I just end up eating way too much. I love being at home, but it’s good to be back on track.


Weighed myself this morning (in an abnormal, very hungry state) and was 109.2. I guess I lost more muscle mass than I thought…hopefully I can gain more muscle without gaining back weight. I can barely do a girly pushup right now. All time low.

I definitely feel ready to get back on track! I just had breakfast, I will do some homework and then when it gets light I will go on a run. Going to see Interstellar tonight, very excited.

Side note: I have never given electric toothbrushes much though but my friend says he uses one and that it changed his tooth brushing life. Has anyone else tried them and felt this way?? I am quite happy with manually brushing my teeth, but I’ve never tried it so not really sure what to think.

I am back

Back from Asia, back to blogging, and hopefully back into healthier eating and running soon.

I finished all but one my Dec 1 school applications on time, but it sucked a lot of time out of my trip unfortunately!

I have gained some fat and lost some muscle tone, but no net change in weight although I guess I am larger 😦

Didn’t overeat massively in Asia, but also did not exercise barely at all! Had a lovely time though 🙂

Wedding was absolutely gorgeous, as was my friend the bride.

13. Saturday

Weigh-in: 110.6!
Start: 113.6 (?)

So – about a 3 lb lost since last month. Not too bad. I will try to maintain while I am abroad. This week was good because I had a couple days where I ate bare essential type dinners, and also a few long runs. Running in the 1st half of the day makes it easier, because I’m not ravenous from my run! After I get used to running after not a huuge breakfast, things will be even better.

I ran with my parents this morning, and it was a lot of fun! We went to a loop where I could separate from them and train a little bit 🙂 The crisp weather made the running feel much easier.

Some things about running bring up a lot of questions. I am wondering how much recovery is necessary, if any, after a longer run. I also wonder what type of behaviors I do or don’t do that might be hindering my progress. I do think I’m making progress, but I just don’t know if I could be doing better. There are a lot of people I know who definitely don’t run as much as me but they are faster. Is this a function of their fundamental physiology, how hard they push themselves, or something else?

11. Thursday & 12. Friday

Ran 8 miles yesterday! Was definitely under my kcal limit, despite sushi and sake 🙂

Friday – not so much. Went home and ate a very hearty dinner after not skimping for either breakfast or lunch. Hopefully it will be okay.

My recommenders have all started submitting their letters! So kind of them. I am very blessed to have them. It is so nice to come home too! My parents make such delicious/mostly-healthy food. Both of them work SO hard though, even though they are 50+ They are adorable and have many inane squabbles with each other.